Dynamics ax test

An extremely general function when changing this system to the new in a large company is the transfer of data of their customers. This is crucial if badly and carelessly we do it may be that we will lose all data on customers and counterparties or will it also required quite a long time and introduce delays in deliveries. Continue reading


Mount Damavand trekking

Attach Ararat Expedition is really a tour that is organized mostly during the summer months. If you want to go on Ararat is the greatest time will be through June to Sept. Within time in these regions may be lying snow, which significantly interferes with trekking expeditions. Continue reading


Dynamics test

Ms Dynamics ERP is made for each small businesses and enormous corporations with a range between national. With it easier to be in a careful way to get ready reports, guide or predict initial financial assumptions for our company. Microsoft Dynamis ERP is very versatile and is adapted to the industry that deal with individual organization. Continue reading